$BABYBEZOS will be launching its presale on Unicrypt. After the presale ends, initial liquidity will be added to PancakeSwap v2 and $BABYBEZOS will be available to trade for BNB.


June 27th 2021

Website Launch

June 29th 2021

$BABYBEZOS contract created

July 3rd 2021

Unicrypt Presale & Listing on PancakeSwap

July 2021

Initial marketing and airdrop contests

July 2021

Listing on CoinGecko

July 2021

5,000 $BABYBEZOS Holders

August 2021

Listing on CoinMarketCap

August 2021

10,000 $BABYBEZOS Holders

Q3 2021

Continue marketing plans, 50k+ holders

Q4 2021

Put the first baby in space.


The team behind $BABYBEZOS has one goal in mind – getting the first baby into space. That’s why we’re launching our token with a fair token distribution.

We are reserving 4.5% of the supply for the team to support our developers, website costs, and payment for our community mods. This allocation will begin locked and slowly release to the team over the course of 6 months, to prevent any ill influence on the market price.

Another 5% of the supply is permanently burned.

5% of the remaining supply will remain unlocked and will be used for marketing, in the form of airdrops, giveaway contests, and paid promotions with influencers.

The last 5% is allocated to the marketing wallet but will be released over the course of 6 months, to ensure we keep up the promotional efforts for an extended period of time.

  • Presale
  • Initial Liquidity
  • Unicrypt Fees
  • Dev (Lock 6 mo)
  • Marketing & Airdrops
  • Marketing & Airdrops (Lock 6 mo)
  • Burned